A small tribute to the Indian Army

A small tribute to the Indian Army

I remember a conversation with an elderly kashmiri man who owned a café and a bookshop in Ladakh. He talked about the uncovered mountains (without a green cover) and low oxygen levels in Ladakh. Of course, he was comparing Kashmir with Ladakh. As a tourist, I somehow managed to get quickly acclimatized with just two sleepless nights. I was extremely lucky! Ladakh is a cold desert & can essentially test one’s physical and mental endurance. So, I could somewhat relate to what the elderly shared.

Ladakh is geographically quite close to China. You can see Indian soldiers patrol the dry- rugged terrain, dig communication lines and build roads on an elevation of 5000 feet and above the sea level.



Dry patched mountains, the Indus and a clear blue sky are all that defines Ladakh’s landscape. Human life? Yes, a few nomadic families who rear cattle and lot of military stations. You won’t get signboards while driving but the soldiers would give directions with a smile.



It’s a feeling of gratitude that one develops after seeing this side of the world. I am living a peaceful and a contented life and this is an acknowledgment for the Indian army who marvel at safeguarding our frontiers.

Travel and explore Ladakh!


Draw or Doodle and forget your AGE…

It’s been after 15 years that I picked a sketch book, pencils and few colours to quiten my racing mind. I loved to draw and paint as a kid. As 30+ woman with a career and family responsibilities my apprehension to sketch and paint grew out of proportion.

 I thought that the world would label me as silly for regressing back to childhood and I have always been an average sort of an artist. 

 Well, as we become adults we also look for jobs that would give us ‘return on investment’. And therefore choose to opt out of hobbies. 
With a smart phone, I have been saving pictures of motifs and illustrations that appealed me. This Sunday afternoon,  I just invested in one and a half hour to draw and colour some illustrations that caught my eye. And I can say is that I am glad that I picked it up. 

No regrets! 

Share what art does to you or has done to you…

Parenting and Pets

Parenting and Pets

My uncle was getting transferred abroad and his pet was now going to live with us. This was a female pomeranian adult, Terry. Beautiful, healthy with apparently no behavioral issues. Terry ate well, slept well and loved her walks. She formed a bond with dad and she had no hassle while adapting to a new home. Terry was a family for good seven years and she was truly a darling!

Seven years are no less to have an experience of a pet. However, bringing up a pup from its early days could be contrasting experience. I and my family are bringing up a German Shepherd, Loki. Parenting a human baby or a pup has its own share of happiness and hassles. Pet parents would agree with me… Right?

Loki was barely 40 days old playful pup who just loved to eat, sleep, pee, crap and chew furniture sides. He is on a search mission with mobile nostrils ever since he came to live with us.  Loki created a record of passing stools and urinating in every corner of the house. His favourites being his own mattress, carpets and doormats. Since he was a tiny-miny-cute-little pup we pardoned him. He just appeared to show this juvenile behavior for good two months. Loki just seemed to be an incarnation of a devil with some sort of sadistic intent.

Gradually, Loki stopped peeing in the bed room where he always slept. Thereafter, he stopped peeing in the living room where he met all the family members. There seems to be some pattern to this.

Loki is five months old now and he has spotted a corner in the balcony for his bio-breaks. And he has learned that it is ‘his home too’. It’s truly a good feel for a pet parent.

Well, there has been a blind spot. Loki urinated on one spot in the drawing room. This behavior occurred when he found the doors to the balcony closed. Also, this was an untouched area of the house. I mean, less used by his human friends.

This is my first ever book on animal behavior that I started reading after Loki came home. Patricia B. McConnell, an animal behaviorist in her book ‘The Other End of the Leash’ has given a beautiful chapter on olfactory sense of dogs. And I seemed to have been on the right chapter!

According to Patricia B. McConnell, “We define ‘house’ as bordered by walls, but most dogs seem to define ‘house’ where you spend your time and therefore where the pack’s scent is the strongest. Many of my client’s dogs only went in the back guest room, a place with none of the familiar odors of the family. In most of the cases, simply eliminating the odor of urine and then marking the area with a different scent can get the dog going in the right rest room again. Once the area if odor-free and clean, sit down with your dog and a paperback and spend a little time each day there. In just a few days, that place will smell like a living room instead of a toilet to your pup”.

I tried the trick mentioned by the author and it seems to have work wonders. Six days have gone past and there has been just two episodes when he crapped  in the drawing room. This is a good success rate!

Enjoying the book and so much so growing up with the pup.

I would share more of my experience that relate or unrelate with this beautiful work of Patricia B. McConnell.