Questions for the school trip by a teenager…

Questions for the school trip by a teenager…

Registers and records on the table, appointments with students to be scheduled and plenty of other things on the mind. Well, amidst this was new responsibility of being an incharge to outstation travel to Nainital with a group of around 20 students for 4 days. I was about to meet some students from grade 6 to grade 9 and hand them an iteniary and some ‘ground rules’ to keep the trip safe and secure for everyone. 

Well, this was an excited teenage boy name, Amit who came in to my room. Here are some snippets of my conversation with him.

‘Ma’am, Would there be an alarm? I have difficulty getting up in the morning’. I consoled that I would personally knock his door and ensure that he is up with everyone. 

‘Should I get woollens?’ I promptly fetched the weather app on my phone to find out about the weather in Nainital and suggested to pack a light jacket to be safe. He seemed happy to have got his answer. 

Oh, he yet had a series of questions. 

‘Can I get Suthol?’ (Suthol is an antiseptic liquid often used by North Indians to avoid prickly heat and skin rashes). On the spot, I thought that Suthol can be a part of the toiletries. So, I said ‘yes’ again. 

I had asked each student to carry one garbage bag to ensure that no place is littered during the trip. The kid asked to clarify, ‘My mother keeps a lot of plastic bags of different sizes. Could I get one such bag from my mother?’ My ‘yes’ made him super geared for the upcoming trip. 

Finally, I got an idea that I have resolved all his queries. And therefore asked for his signatures on receiving the iteniary. 

Amit clasped my pen and told me that he will take long. I wondered in my mind, ‘why will he take it long to do his signatures? He replied without having really asked this question, ‘I have long signatures’. Amit, signed like a celebrity and his signatures ended with a smiley. 😊