Draw or Doodle and forget your AGE…

It’s been after 15 years that I picked a sketch book, pencils and few colours to quiten my racing mind. I loved to draw and paint as a kid. As 30+ woman with a career and family responsibilities my apprehension to sketch and paint grew out of proportion.

 I thought that the world would label me as silly for regressing back to childhood and I have always been an average sort of an artist. 

 Well, as we become adults we also look for jobs that would give us ‘return on investment’. And therefore choose to opt out of hobbies. 
With a smart phone, I have been saving pictures of motifs and illustrations that appealed me. This Sunday afternoon,  I just invested in one and a half hour to draw and colour some illustrations that caught my eye. And I can say is that I am glad that I picked it up. 

No regrets! 

Share what art does to you or has done to you…


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